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  • Terri Hill

Doers Of The World


Prophetic Poetry


Many have ears which are open to hear;

They listen intently, they come and draw near.

Faithful assemblers observe and they look.

They quote the words well, they have studied the Book.

They are gathering knowledge and filling their minds

With high aspirations for some future time.

They instruct and profess the Word time and again,

And much revelation has been given to them.

They lift up their hands and go through the motions.

They are committed to reading their daily devotions.

They meditate carefully, their confessions are sound.

They fill up the Church when the preacher’s in town.

But their lives are reduced to an image, a form,

Saying, “Bless you my brother, be filled and be warm.

They are living their lives in the light of God’s favor,

Detached from the lost who cry out for a Savior.

The afflicted and dying surrounded you and me,

But many contend it’s not their “ministry”.

Love reaches out and responds to the need,

And the proof of your faith will be shown by your deeds.

Are you helping the needy you meet through the day?

Is your faith being lived in a practical way?

Do you visit the sick and respond to their pleas?

Are you giving in secret when no one else sees?

Are you feeding the hungry who reach out to you?

Is your faith bearing fruit in the works that you do?

Do the prisoners, widows and orphans know you?

You are hearing the Word, are you doing it too?

Are you making disciples and live what you teach?

Actions speak louder than words that you preach.

You can sing of His goodness and praise Who He is,

But doing the Word demonstrates you are His.

“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves”; James 1:22

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