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  • Tyrel Denver

Gods Healing Power of Music

Music, no doubt is a gateway to the soul and effects everything from our physical body’s, emotional state, mental state and can aid in healing and mental rejuvenation. This truth is not only evident to all who love and listen to music but is also made abundantly evident in the Bible (Gods Inerrant, Infallible Word). The ancients knew the power of music and harmonizing frequencies of the solfeggio scale. Truths hidden in the Bible for thousands of years; this is why David played his harp to Saul. This is why the Psalms were played to music. This is why music is such a powerful tool of praise and worship.

This music is not a replacement or substitute for Gods Holy Spirit; rather it is a gift of God to be used in conjunction with the Holy Spirit and viewed as a supplement or tool to connect on a spiritual level with God Almighty. A true testament to Gods creative genius made manifest through his creation; Man and Sound.

Unfortunately all too often people want to use this gateway but ignore who created it. Music is a medium by which one can achieve a higher state of conciseness and a closer relationship with God. Like everything that God has made for man, the enemy manipulates twists, distorts and corrupts; using music for destructive purposes instead of building purposes. Too many go down the path of “Spiritual Enlightenment” and experience the beauty of Gods majesty in his creation such as music, but never experience the transforming power of the Blood of Jesus Christ. Always learning and searching for some new guru or abstract truth such as “The New Age Movement” “Energy Healing” and more, but never coming to the knowledge of the truth. (2nd Timothy 3:7)

God is everywhere and evident in everything that we can perceive with our five senses. He is especially evident in Holy Spirit inspired music. With the proper Biblical view and as the Word of God (The Bible) as our foundation and rule, coupled with the Holy Spirit of God and the precious Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ; music can be a powerful tool and wonderful gift of God.

I highly recommend this music to anyone with "Anxiety", "Depression", "Sleeplessness" and more. This is, as I've said not a substitute for the healing power of God and deliverance from demons of anxiety, depression, etc. but rather a supplement. It is faith in Jesus Christ who is our ultimate healer and deliverer.

Find this music here.

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