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Wait on the Lord

Wait On the Lord

The things that we think good, the things we seem right, that are our attempts to do the right thing are the biggest DISASTERS. (Abraham and Ishmael) God keep us from them!

What is the biggest test that God puts us through? In one word; “Waiting”. God tells you to climb the mountain and you’ll be up it. God tells you to sit at the bottom and wait and you can’t do it. The biggest test of faith is waiting. Probably the most mature character in the Bible is Moses. How did he mature? Forty years in the wilderness. What did it make him? The meekest man on Earth. I feel safe when I can say; let someone else have the baby (accomplishments, e.g. Ishmael), but when I’m nervous, tense and grasping, I’m headed for disaster.

“The Grace of Yielding” 42:00 min

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