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  • Augusto Perez

Plowshares to Swords

We are living in the days many prophets of old longed to see. This is the third day, when the glory of the Kingdom of God is going to be manifested in the entire world for all to see and experience. God created everything in this world and said it was good. He put man in the garden and gave him dominion over it, and all of His creation. When man fell from grace and sinned, no only did he loose his relationship with God, but also his dominion over the world. God sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ into the world to redeem the world, not to condemn it. When Jesus was crucified, buried and raised from the dead on the third day, He provided the way to restore all of what man had lost in the garden, and the consequences of sin on the earth. People can now be reconciled to God, healed, set free and prospered by the work of the cross.

However, because man still has the fallen nature he inherited from Adam and Eve, the only way he can rule on the earth is by being in proper relation to God and those in His Kingdom. This speaks of relationships. God cares about whom you are connected to, starting with Him. If you are connected to the wrong church or wrong people in church, and your personal or business relationships, you will not have be able to reach your full potential. You need to be connected to people that make the baby in your spiritual womb (your dream, vision, the thing that God has given you to do and spoken over your life) jump.

If you are connected to people that are jealous and hate your baby (vision you are carrying in your womb to birth it at the appointed time), they will try to kill it or abort it. You have to be very careful whom you get close to, especially when you are pregnant with a seed from God. The Spoken Word of God has the ability to inseminate your spiritual womb (soul) so you may conceive a spiritual baby that will be born at the appropriate time. The seed (the Rhema Word from God) can only inseminate your spiritual womb (the soil of your soul) if it is fertile and receptive.

I believe that spiritually speaking, just as a woman goes through her menstrual cycles and if she is inseminated by a male sperm is able to conceive, Christians are the same. We all have spiritual cycles we go through periodically, and if we stay fertile and receptive, in due time the Lord sends a word to inseminate you so you are able to conceive the promised baby. However, if your spiritual womb is not fertile and receptive, you will allow doubt and unbelief to creep in and steal the seed, and you will reject the word of God.

On the other hand, if your spiritual womb is not strong enough, you may not be able to carry this baby all the way to its birth, and you will abort him. Some people abort their spiritual baby for the same reasons people do in the natural. They have decided they don’t want the baby for one or more of the following reasons: (1) It costs too much (2) It causes too many inconveniences (3) It’s at the wrong time (4) They do not want to loose their comfort zone. This is why most people do not see their dreams and visions come to pass, and never manifest the kingdom of heaven in their lives and in this world.

The kingdom of heaven is not a place in another galaxy, but it is in a dimension that can only be accessed by the spirit. The kingdom of heaven is within us, and if we allow it, it can manifest in every facet of our life, home, church, business, society, city, state, nation and the world. That was the intention of the Lord Jesus when He told His disciples to declare wherever they went that the kingdom of God was at hand. The reason the people of God have not been the glorious, powerful, shining light that God intended them to be in the world, is because we have been using old mindsets (wineskins) and worldly methods to achieve divine results.

Christian business people should be the most successful people on this planet. Nobody can compete with us. I do not care what business it is; a Christian has the anointing and God given ability to do it better than anybody else. If it is a restaurant, they should produce the best tasting food in the city. If it is a doctor, he should be able to diagnose and heal patients with God’s anointing better than any doctor who does not know God. The Lord wants you to turn your plowshares into swords; that is, your talents, gifts, abilities and businesses into tools and weapons for the kingdom of God. Get ready to see your dreams and visions come to pass, as the Lord brings divine connections into your life that will help you birth the baby you are carrying in you spiritual womb.

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