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God's Judgment of America

God’s Judgment of America is Set in Stone

Dream By Joanie Stahl

I dreamed I saw myself walking along the seashore with a man talking to me about some serious things. It was a stormy day with thick, heavy, dark clouds amassing. The wind and waves were kicking up.

I thought it was strange that we would be walking along the seashore with this storm brewing. As we were walking and he was talking, I looked around and saw the storm was rapidly approaching.

I knew it was not a normal storm. We stopped walking and he looked out past me and then back to me and pointed to a long jetty made of concrete and rock.

He said to me, “Go out onto that jetty.”

By then the sea was already violently roaring and crashing against the jetty, so I answered, “No! If I go out there, the waves will sweep over me and I will die!”

He said, “Then you had better hurry.”

So I went and climbed onto the jetty. I walked fast along it and somewhat ran to get to the end of it. As I did, I looked at the ocean. It was not like any other violent thrashing I’ve seen. A great fear of death came upon me, but I did what the man said. I went to the end of the jetty so I could turn around and get right back to land, but when I reached the end of it I saw a gate. On the gate was a mouth, which started cursing me and saying evil things about the Lord, so evil I turned and ran all the way back to shore.

When I arrived back to shore, I said, “Okay let’s go!”

He was very calm. In fact, he was very calm throughout this entire dream. So he answered, “No. You have to go back out on that jetty one more time.”

I looked again at the jetty. By then the waves and wind were blasting against it. So I said, “Okay!”

This time I ran the whole way and wasted no time. As I got up on the jetty, I could barely keep my footing as the waves were crashing and washing over it. I did not go all the way to the end this time because I did not want to get near that gate speaking blasphemies against the Lord and cursing me and saying other horrible things. So I turned around to go back to the land, but when I did I saw a group of about ten little children standing on the jetty with two women who were trying to protect them. The women looked paralyzed with fear as they were too scared to move. Then all of a sudden, all the little children ran to me and clung onto me. Then the women ran back to the shore.

I looked up and saw the thick, black clouds getting darker and heavier with enormous speed. This was not natural speed that we have seen in even the worst of storms on earth. This was not normal. Even in my dream, I knew it was evil and supernatural.

I screamed to the top of my lungs telling the children, “Hang on! Walk slowly and don’t let go of me!”

But by this time, the wind was so loud and strong and sea was so loud and violent I could not even hear myself, so none of the children heard me either. So we just kept walking little by little, step by step, determined to keep going. Finally, we made it back to the shore and the children all ran to the women who were already on the shore waiting for them.

I stepped down off the jetty and was standing in ankle deep water. I looked down to the left of my feet and saw something strange under the water. It was a big flat white stone, unlike any stone I have ever seen, and most certainly not in the ocean. I know because grew up at the beach. It was a strange stone with a carving in it. I looked closer and saw very clearly the carving was a map of our nation, the United States of America, with all of the states very clearly carved into it. There was no mistaking it.

I knelt down to wipe it away thinking it was something someone had drawn in the sand that the sea had covered. So I took my hand and tried to wipe the image away, but it scraped my hand. I didn’t understand, so I took my hand and swiped it again. This time, it cut my hand, and my hand began to bleed.

I stood upright and looked up at the sky. The storm was raging with an evil vengeance. Then I sensed a horrible, profound feeling of doom come over me. I knew right then something had been determined against the United States by the Lord. It is hard to describe the sense of knowing that came over me, but I knew what was coming was certain and was going to be bad.

Then in the distance, I saw the man waving his hand high into the air and shouting, “Joan! Hurry up! Let’s go! There’s not a lot of time left.”

Then I awoke.


The man was a representative from heaven. The walking along the shore revealed the strong wind and waves of a storm fast approaching the land. This is not a natural storm but a storm of judgment.

When the man asked me to go out on that jetty, that represented the final assignments we will be called to do even as the storm grows stronger. The first time he asked me, I was more interested in saving my own life. My concerns were all about my own safety, my own self-preservation.

The gate at the end with the mouth that spoke blasphemies represented the wrath of satan against me and his attempt to frighten me to get me to turn back to the safety of my comfortable religious life.

The first time I turned back to the shore and told the man we needed to go, that revealed an unrefined part of me, still self-serving, still concerned about my own self.

When the man told me to go one last time, I wasted no time and ran the whole way because I thought if I was to have any hope of getting out of there alive I better do it quickly. I did not go all the way to the end the second time because I had learned from my previous experience how to avoid getting attacked by Satan.

The women and children on the jetty represented souls caught in the storm during these last days, souls slated for salvation. They ran to me and held onto me because it was up to me to lead them to safety. My concerns were no longer for my own life. All my thoughts of self-preservation were gone. In that moment I knew my life was worth their precious lives.

The women were supposed to be looking out for the children, but they were so concerned for their own lives they abandoned them and ran to safety. They represent believers who lack faith and confidence to stand against the storm to rescue the lost. I did not see them as being bad because in a sense, they too were like little children, innocent and fearful.

My inability to hear myself speaking shows my own strength and my own instructions will be no match for the force of this storm. Instead, I had to maneuver through it to lead the children along the jetty.

I led the children safely to shore where they ran to the arms of the women. This reveals how the Lord will command some believers to do courageous things, despite the strong winds and violent waves, while other believers, whose faith is weaker, will be allowed to remain in places of safety with assignments to watch and pray.

The strange, flat, white stone in the water was meant to be strange and out of place in order to get my attention. It represents a coming judgment against our nation because the American people will find it hard to believe what is happening in their land. It will seem very strange and out of place.

The map of the United States was carved into the stone because the judgment of God against this nation is set and will not be changed. I was not able to wipe it away because this judgment cannot be wiped away by any human efforts. When I tried to wipe it away it cut my hand and I began to bleed because any human efforts to change what God has determined to do will be futile. This spoke to me that mankind will try their best to avert it, but they will hurt themselves trying.

The fury of the storm and the swiftness of it was also indicative of the fact that there is no human force that can stop it. It also revealed the powers of hell in their employment.

I was able to sense an ominous doom and was able to know a horrible thing was about to take place because everyone in the path of this storm will experience what I felt and know what I knew when they see it rapidly approaching. Then they will know it is coming and that it is going to be bad.

The man who was waving his hand and telling me to hurry up, and that there was not a lot of time left represented the final word from the Lord.

I believe a supernatural storm like no other is coming with speed and great force. We must be willing to do what the Lord has been preparing us to do all of our lives. Some of us will be called to do things we would never have imagined, things only God can give us the power to do. I will leave it at that.

I know this dream will continue speaking to me and I hope to many of you, with Christ Jesus being your interpreter.

Peace and grace,

Joanie Stahl

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