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  • Tyrel Denver

Prayer: Come to the Consoler

If you know your heart needs to be healed by Jesus, the Consoler, let’s not allow another minute to pass without taking ourselves and all our hurts to Him. You and I can do so right now with the following prayer:

Lord, I ask You now to help me identify any hidden areas of injury within my heart and my spirit. I may think I know what they are. But You are the One who really knows. Please show them to me.

In response, I bring You those injuries – the ones I know about as well as the ones still hidden from y awareness. Like Simeon, I am waiting and longing for the Consolation of Israel. I am crying out to You for help, Lord Jesus.

You alone are the One who can heal my inner hurts. You alone can sort out the confusion and disappointment swirling around in me because of the wounds life has inflicted upon me.

I come to You now, Lord Jesus, my Consoler. I place my hear in Your hands for the comfort, healing and consolation I need. In Jesus name. Amen.

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