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I Will Lift Up

By: Sherry Gorslin

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It is a very scary world we live in today. The economy is about to collapse. The government is corrupt. The world appears to be on the verge of war. Yesterday as I was praying, I felt peace come over me, and the Lord spoke these words.

“Though I walk with My children they still fear. I say do not fear for I have heard your cries and I, the Great One, will answer your prayers. I will lift up those that have known righteousness and have walked in righteousness to know Me in a new way. Man believes he knows Me, but he has only seen a small part of who I am. So many pages of My words and life on earth were not written. There is no amount of paper that could be produced from earthly supply to write about heaven. I am massive and I am more than any man can believe. I say to My children, do not fear! When I say do not fear My children, there is nothing so dark that I cannot destroy in a heartbeat of time. Build your faith now. Build it up each day, each hour, even each second, because what I have in store for My own is glorious. As Stephen was being stoned he saw the heavens open and he knew peace. Peace even at the hour of death. I give peace. Understand that! No matter what the circumstances I will supply; no matter what the trap I will rescue; no matter what the need I will give to those who can believe. Build your faith. I say, build your faith!”

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have to sit back and just think about how big is God? Is He big enough to straighten up all this mess? I love the words He gave me and they brought me great comfort. There is not enough resources on this entire earth that could create the paper it would take to write about our God and Heaven above. He always has a new side of Him to reveal to us. We are so limited, but He is so massive that throughout all of history He is always doing a new thing! Peace, it is only a word in this time of chaos, until our Father from heaven steps in and gives us supernatural peace that goes beyond all that we know or understand. May His peace fill you today!

Author: Sherry Gorslin

Sherry Gorslin is an ordained minister and co-pastors with her husband at Truth Ministry. She is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and has worked at pro-life clinics for the last 15 years saving the unborn and helping families choose life. She is an author: Prepared in the Wilderness, First You Must Believe That He Is! She has a blog dealing with last day events called Prepared in the Wilderness where she shares dreams, visions, and words from God. She resides in Peoria, AZ.

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