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The Time Has Come

The Time Has Come When I Will Bless You Mightily

By Matt Smith posted to

The Lord has given me another message today during my study and meditation time. I am being obedient to the Lord. This was an urgent message and a message of hope as well. I was reluctant for about a minute, but I wanted to be obedient to my Father. Lately God has been delivering these messages, but this one He wanted me to give to you.

As I was studying my word and studying the death of Lazarus (St. John 11) and also studying about the siblings of Jesus because I was curious and wanted to know more about them, I went outside in the lot where I manage a portable shed, car port, and garage lot by myself. I began to meditate on the message and I began to walk around the lot giving praises to my God and Jesus.

But as I was doing so, the Lord again spoke to and said, “Matthew go inside and type what I say.”

I replied, “Lord, but what is it you want me to type?”

God replied again, “Go inside and type exactly what I say.”

I then said, “Yes Lord, here I am.”

Then the Lord said again, “Type exactly what I say.”

“I am the Lord God. All power is in My hand. I am strongest of the strong. I am the mightiest of the mighty. There is none like Me. I am the God of the universe. Everything in it I have made.

Know this, the time has come for Me to do a work, which this generation has never seen, nor any other. I am going to do miracles and wonders. Man will know it’s from Me.

I am doing these thing to bring people unto Me. My Son Jesus Christ died for this very hour. Know My Son Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, so you may have the right to enter My kingdom. Know He died for your sins.

When My servant and son was on this earth did He not raise Lazarus from the dead? To all My people who truly worship Me in spirit and in truth, to those who have wept and mourned over sin in the land, to those who have begged and pleaded with Me for mercy, know I am about to reward you for all your obedience. You have considered the poor. You have considered the widow. You have considered the orphan, and now I will consider you. Just like Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, I will raise those blessings in your life you thought were dead. I have allowed them to lie dormant for this hour, not only for you to see the true power of God, but for others to see and come to repentance and give their lives over to Me.

The time has come when I will bless you mightily. Eyes have not seen, and ears have not heard the blessings I will bestow upon you. You will go through the devastation on this land and around the world, but I will take care of you and you see miracles like never before. I will show you things you thought were not possible.

I am the Lord God, and I have infinite power. No man can have My power. I am the one who reigns supreme. Everything you worked so hard for, everything you did to help advance My kingdom, everything you did to lead people to Christ, everything you did to save a soul has been recorded, and I will remember.

Do not be afraid of what is to come. It is meant for the wicked, scoffers, mockers, those who continue to turn their faces at Me and try to snub Me. I am a God who will not be snubbed. And for those who turned their noses at Me, I will turn My nose at them on the day of calamity.

I am raising up people from all over to world to witness and bring in this final harvest. I remember all the deeds you have done, all good and all evil. My reward I will dish out to all.

Again, I am the Lord God. Trust in Me and do not be afraid. I must bring judgment upon My house, My churches first. Many churches will feel My full wrath, for they have sown corrupted seed and I will have none of this. Many have itching ears, and on the day My calamity My ears will not itch to hear their plea.

I am the Lord your God and I require all of you or none of you. Obedience is a requirement. I do not want part of you. I do not want 99% of you. I want all of you.

Judgment is here upon this land. Things will only get worse. I will utterly destroy this land. However, I will take care of those who serve Me. I will let their light shine and be so bright it will blind those who think they serve Me, but have lying hearts. Know, no matter how I take care of you, know it will be from Me, and as long as you are sensitive to My spirit, I will bless you greatly in this time.”

I then said, “Lord have mercy. Lord please remember me. Lord have mercy.”

Then God said, “Tell the people this: you must keep supporting those who are truly doing the work of My son Jesus Christ. You must leave these organizations or churches that directly come in rebellion with My holy word, for if you do not, you will be found guilty of partaking in their heresy and I will bring upon you all of the plagues and punishment I promised on these wicked and evil churches.”

My reply, “But God where shall they go?”

“I will direct them. If they cannot trust Me to guide them to a place where they can find Me and My presence, how can they trust Me to guide them through the time of unprecedented destruction?

I am the Lord God, and I am raising up true churches. These churches will fulfill My commands in these last days. It is time. I am doing the separation right now. Make sure you have the seal Ezekiel had. Know the time is very late, sins have reached Heaven and filled My nostrils. It is time for Me to utterly destroy.”

I did as the Lord commanded.

Author: Matt Smith

Matt Smith received the Lord in 2011, then ran from Him for a few months before returning and has not taken his hand off the plow. Today he is a church musician, minister, and husband. He believes in the saying “Get right church, and lets go home.” He enjoys making others laugh and smile saying, “I don’t need medicated happiness, I come naturally happy.”

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