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  • Tyrel Denver

Arise and Shine

Word from the Lord

By Victorious Vision Ministries on Jan. 14th 2016

Arise and shine for your light has come,the glory of the Lord is upon you…….Receive ,Receive all that Yeshua has for you…… On another note::::::::: For those set apart,.chosen,the time has longer be hidden,no longer be afraid,for your obedience in little things have I now put the bigger things entrusted into your care.for you have shown Me that you can be trusted….You have waited on Me to give you increase,neither looking to man,but straight unto Me….and now your reward is with Me,NOW!!!!!!! I will place you in public platforms to bring the truth and the WHOLE truth,without theatrics…..Many have already received their praise from man,but you have waited and received no praise.always having faith that your time would come,praying ,seeking “Don’t forget me , Yeshua,Please don’t forget me”And now your prayer is being answered,,,,Each one knows who they are…..Let there be no jealousy amongst you, for they have faithfully served Me and asked for nothing in return,,,,,, A new set of warrior ,generals are being taught and brought out to the forefront………ARISE GENERALS..!!!!!!!!!!

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