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S. Korea War Prophesy

My friends. We sit on the cusp of WWIII in many nations and all over the world; but one spot on the Globe is ready to go very hot very soon; Korea. I wanted to share this prophecy of David Owour back in 2010. The Lord showed him what was coming to the Korean peninsula. If you are not aware of all the happenings that are going on there right now then please find below a couple of videos that can bring you up to speed. The 5th video down is the latest developments.

Next I want to share with you the prophecy of David Owour. You will find the video below but first take a look at this article from Trunews (See pictures below). The article is talking about two Short range missle launches that took place today 3-9-16 amidst the massive drill with the U.S. and S. Korea. Not only does it show a missile with a miniaturized component to a miniaturized nuclear weapon (directly behind Kim) but it shows a “Truck Launch” rocket and missile launcher. Why is this important? Watch the prophecy to find out. I also must note that the U.S. has a carrier battle group in the area as well.

Find Below the Prophecy from David Owour

Are you Saved? Give your life to Jesus Christ now! We are living in the end times and are at the begining of sorrows that Jesus talked about in Matthew 24, Luke 21, Revelation and Mark 13. If you review the information that is located on the home page of this website alone, it is enough evidence to support scripture and prophecy and I can't keep up with it all. It isn't like I have to dig for this information. It is everywhere! As a matter of fact I'm overwhelmed with it and often times I feel like throwing in the towel; it's so in our faces. Please call on the name above all names Jesus Christ and give your life to Him today! God bless you!

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