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  • Tyrel Denver

Proclamation "God Is My Father"

Read along and say Aloud! Words have meaning and spiritual implications behind them. They can be used for negative or positive outcomes. Why do you suppose there is such a War On Words in these last days? Change the true meaning of words and you create chaos. Get people to confess the wrong words and produce a bad outcome (Negativity); confess the right words (Positivity), especially God’s words over your life and experience victory, freedom, peace and harmony through Christ Jesus. Words are powerful and proclaiming God’s Word and Promises aloud according to His will and purpose in your life can be emancipating. Give yourself to Jesus today and be healed, delivered, liberated and protected. Proclamations are a powerful tool in the Christians life for walking in victory and a “must do” daily or multiple times daily if needed. Change your way of thinking and learn to walk in Victory the Lord Jesus Christ has already provided you! God Bless!

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