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Money For Protection

Please Pray for our brothers and sisters around the world who are going through persecution. Anyone with eyes to see, can see that this is coming to America and far more.

Tyrel Denver


Nine churches in Colombia were given until June 14 to come up with $2 million pesos each for “protection money” from the violent paramilitary group that controls the area.

This week, members of National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrilla group visited each of the churches with a note that gave the churches two days to come up with the money, approximately $700. Nine handwritten notes addressed the pastor by name on official ELN stationary.

The VOM field worker notes, “Remember, this is happening when a ‘peace treaty’ is being negotiated between the ELN and the Colombian government. Though the ELN did not say so directly, the church members refer to this demand as a “vaccine” against any violence, a common guerrilla practice.”

The pastors ask for prayers because they do not want to give in to these demands. They know that non-payment may cost them their lives. They also know, however, that if they start paying, they’ll have to make regular payments to the paramilitaries.

Translation of the note:

June 2016

Comrade Pastor,

A brotherly greeting.


1. Comrade pastor, we are asking you a favor, that you support us with $2,000,000 [$700] in cash.

2. We are in urgent need, and we hope that you will help us with this.

3. Send us the money by June 14, 2016 WITHOUT FAIL.

That’s it. We wish you success and luck, comrade pastor.

With appreciation,


Commander in Chief of the Eastern Front

Manuel Vasquez Castaño

National Liberation Army

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