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"New Age" End Times Deception

The New Age End Times Deception

So many are involved in New Age teachings and don't even realize it. Chances are you know someone or maybe even a family member involved in New Age; or perhaps you yourself have bought into some of the New Age teachings and don't know it. I know I have struggled with this myself unwittingly due to ignorance in terms and definitions of words. Much of what New Age teaches is derived from the Bible and much of what they (New Age) talk of is real; such as "Energies".

The Truth is the bait that gets you hooked to receive the lie. Mixing modern terms with bible language and causing confusion. New Age teaches anyone can have a relationship with God and all religions lead to heaven. Jesus Said John 14:6 "I am the way the truth and the life, no man come unto the father except through me." New Age teaches God is love; which is TRUE (1 John 4:8) but fails to mention that He is also a Judge (James 4:12 & Isaiah 33:22)! New Age negates sin and the need for repentance and teaches "transcendental Meditation" in place of Prayer. Ask a New Age person how to get to Heaven and they will say "be the best person you can be". Wrong Answer! The Bible teaches the ONLY way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ.

Here is a real life example. I have family deeply involved in "Energies". Energy is real but I struggled for a Biblical definition and God's point of view on what they are. The Bible talks of "Spirits" and New Age teaches "Energy". I know energy is real but how as a Christian do we define the difference? So I took it straight to the Lord and asked Him. "Father, what is the difference between Energy and a Spirit?" His response was immediate and in one word, "Intelligence". Think about it.... Fire is Energy but does not have "Personality" or "Intelligence". Energy can be harnessed and directed. It works the same with Spiritual Energy and behind every directed "Energy" there is a an "Intelligence" with "Personality". The Bible calls these "Spirits" (A disembodied Person or Personality with Intelligence). Some spirits have insatiable appetites and desires, such as "Lust", "Sexual Perversion", "Fear", "Depression" and "Infirmity" just to name a few. And with every teaching there is a spirit that accompanies it. For the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ it is the Holy Spirit a member of the God Head. For every other teaching that is not biblical there is an accompanying "Spirit". There is a Spirit of Mormonism, New Age, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Jehovah Witness, just to name a few.

What Spirit are you of? I pray this help edify and educate you on the differences. God Bless and Glory to Jesus!

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