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  • Tyrel Denver

Lost Forever in Judgment

While Meditating on God today I had the following Revelation.

Beware the Spirit of Jonah. Jonah was given charge by God to warn the people of Nineveh of impending destruction and judgement by God if they did not repent. Jonah at first ran from his calling but God, with some persuasion convinced Jonah to deliver the message. Jonah did as he was told but wasn't happy about it and wanted to see the city destroyed for the wickedness and filth it was involved in. He sat outside the city waiting for the results, hoping to see some fireworks. To his disappointment God did not destroy the city.

If I am being honest I would have to admit to having a spirit of Jonah toward my own country at times. Hoping God would sweep the land with a broom of fire for the filth we as a nation indulge in. I have had to repent of this attitude. God helped me understand something.

I felt Him say to me; "If I had judged this nation when it deserved it without mercy, YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN LOST FOREVER".

Forgive me Father!

There are many who by the mercy of God still need to come to Salvation in the midst of famine and Judgement on this land. Like me, just a few short years ago; if the judgment hammer fell when God was justified for doing so, many would be Lost Forever In Judgement.

Thank God for this time we have left and if God grants us a reprieve for a time with this election cycle, then take full advantage and dedicate yourself to His great commission! We must be about our fathers business when our Lord returns! There are souls out there who need Jesus desprately!

God Bless and Glory to Jesus!

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