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Jesus Heals Muslim Woman Bitten By Deadly Snake

Jesus has once again miraculously saved someone—a Muslim woman—from certain death. The woman named Hajira told Bibles4Mideast that she was recently bitten by a Sahara Horned Viper, a highly poisonous snake, while she and her family were enjoying an evening bonfire in the desert. She said within seconds, she fell unconscious and they rushed her to the nearest hospital where she lapsed into a coma that lasted four days.

When she woke up she could not move her body and felt intense pain. "I heard doctors discussing renal failure and increasing fibrinolysis. Nobody thought I would live," she said. Hajira said she felt she was about to die. "I turned my face to the wall and wept. I did not want others to see my tears. I prayed to God for a painless death."

She then fell into a deep slumber. It was at this time when she saw an angel appear before her in her dream saying, "Call upon Jesus, the Son of the Most High, who was crucified and died for you and rose from the dead."But this only irritated her. "Prophet Jesus, the son of Mary? He was not crucified; and also he was not greater than my prophet," she told the angel, mouthing what had been taught her in Islam.

"You are wrong," the angel countered. "Jesus is the Lord of the prophets. He is the true Saviour. He can heal you from all sickness and save you from sin and death. Call upon Him with your heart and mouth." Hajira awoke and found her brother standing beside her. Her brother said he heard her talking about Jesus while she was asleep.

She told her brother about her dream. Her brother, who was a soldier, did not express surprise on hearing about Jesus. He told her he himself had an experience with Jesus during a dust storm when he and his military unit were engaged in a military operation. He said the experience touched his heart.

Hajira was also touched by her brother's story. They joined hands at her bedside and prayed for Jesus to heal her.

Moments later, they were surprised when Pastor Paul from Bibles4Mideast entered the hospital room. Somehow, he came to know that the two siblings prayed to Jesus.

"The Lord Jesus heard your prayers which you both prayed together. The angel who visited you appeared before me, too, and asked me to visit you, guide you to salvation and pray for you. At once I left my house to see you," Pastor Paul told them.

He then explained the Gospel to Hajira and her brother. Right there and then Hajira said she and her brother repented their sins and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Pastor Paul placed his hands on Hajira's head and prayed. "Immediately I felt something extraordinary flowing through my veins and I got up from the bed and knelt down on the floor. Yes, the Lord Jesus totally healed my sickness and sealed me by His precious and victorious blood!" Hajira exclaimed.

She then told the doctors that she had just been healed by Jesus. They conducted further tests and were dumbfounded at her miraculous healing.

"Seeing my good healthy condition, my family members also believed in Jesus. Pray that our Lord Jesus protect us and give us strength to survive persecutions," Hajira said.

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