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John Moore Issues EMP Alert

This is for all those who Pray. Please pray that the evil schemes of the enemy to cause death and destruction before Trumps inauguration will be stopped in the name of Jesus! The enemy is trying desperately to stop God's Plans. All Glory to Jesus!

Original Link Here:

Alert from John Moore; EMP Ladies and Gentlemen, I have high-level, trusted, private source advising that between now today, (10 January, 2017) and 18 January, 2017 (even more so between 13 and 18 January 2017) we have an enhanced likelihood of an EMP attack against the United States. My recommendation is to treat this bit of intelligence as a drill. I can't say with certainty that an EMP will happen on the dates give. I can say with certainty that we (the USA) are at risk of an EMP attack 24/7/365. 1.) Review the protocols you will follow if an EMP attack was to happen. 2.) Make sure that any gaps in your plans are dealt with ASAP. 3.) Make prudent preparations that fit your personal situation. 4.) Dozens of articles on EMP preparations are available at: www.survivalblog.comand 4.) Pray, Pray, Pray I say again: Prudent Preparations i.e. Do Not quit your job, load up your family & camping supplies in the mini-van, and head to the National Forest based only on this alert. With regards, John Moore WWW.THELIBERTYMAN.COM

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