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  • Tyrel Denver

Prayer Against Witchcraft and Satanism

"Father Dear in this hour we speak to the earth and command in the name of Jesus that every satanic witch in every part of the world that is devising evil against your lambs, begins to be consumed by your Holy Fire. Send the Fire Oh LORD against those that devise evil against us. We declare that Your Holy Fire now consumes witchcraft, satanism and those who devise evil against your children. Send your Fire against the altars of Baal on this nation and utterly destroy them now. Your Holy Fire now consumes all demonic attacks against our families, children, schools, government and every one of your lambs. Your Holy Fire now burns all witchcraft curses, spells, vexes, enchantments, assignments, hexes and decrees spoken by those who conspire to kill and do harm to your people. In Jesus Name."

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