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Living Waters Prayer

By Augusto Perez

"Father Dear, I thank you for the great honor and privilege to have your precious Holy Spirit live within me. Where your Spirit is, there can be no devil, and the works of the flesh cannot prevail for long. On this day Oh Master, I drink of the fountain of living waters, that blessed River of Life that brings refreshing to my soul, my mind, my thoughts, my blood, my bones and even my marrow. Oh Wonderful Creator. All things were created for your pleasure; the oceans, the earth, the animals and human beings. I was wonderfully and fearfully made. Every bone in my body, every joint, every drop of blood and every cell was created by you. Only you my Savior have the right to live within me. My Holy Redeemer, Father of Multitudes; slow to wrath and rich in Mercy. Holy Omnipotent Being, who blesses the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations of those who love you and are called according to your will. In you I move, in you I exist, in you I have my being. Have your way in my life on this day and every day. In the name of your beloved child Yahshua. (Jesus)

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