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Warfare Prayer Against Night Visitors

From Augusto Perez with The Appearance Ministries

Background Information

We know that certain demonic entities make unexpected night visitation during sleep hours. They especially target the intercessors, prayer warrior and servants of the Lord.

Incubus presents as a male demon to sexual attack and entice a Lady (or man). Succubus presents as a female demon to involve a man (or woman) in lustful activity. This occurs around the glove. Others nations may call them spirit husbands or spirit wives.

This powerful, high ranking class of demons has sinister, debased intentions. They seek to tempt, deceive, accuse, oppress, control, send nightmares, afflict, condemn, abuse, torment, dishonor, and defile. They can appear as an angel or a hideous being.

The enticement (if not rebuked) leads to an addiction with enslavement to fornication with devils. It pulls one deep into the occult. They steal, kill and destroy by taking control of mind, body and soul. Many "of the world" are desiring this. They seek to bring down these lust minions through satanic rituals and orgies. It is common during their Baal and pagan celebrations.

Marine or water demons are another group. Sleep paralysis is often the first approach. You may sines a dark presence or awake to feel something pushing down on your chest, so you can't breathe.

You may be unable to move temporarily. As you sit up you feel something running along side you on the bed. It can't be the cat as he is asleep on the chair! A devil is in the Room! We do not talk to entities, they have thousands of years of experience and they will always win.


Matt. 10:1 "...he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease."

James 2:19b "..... the devils also believe and tremble"

James 4:7 "submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you"


Father, we thank you that scripture reveals how we can rebuke these spirits, bind and cast them out. They flee at the name of Jesus. We praise you for the power of the blood and the might name of Jesus.

We need your strength, endurance and power to stand true in all the intensified devious attacks against your faithful. Our precious Savior and Redeemer, we seek your protection, wisdom, insight and deeper knowledge.

The wicked continue to disregard your laws, cunningly violating your rules of spiritual engagement. They take authority they do not have. Father give us supernatural discernment and wisdom so that we can make targeted attacks against them successfully every time.

We will anoint and cleanse our home , animals and property at intervals. We pray the blood over ourselves, family and pets. Before we go to bed we pray for protection every night. We are in alignment with the mind of Christ. We lay our hearts, minds, souls and all five senses before you. Holy Spirit refill us during rest and sleep. We need your presence in our lives.

Teach us your precepts. Cover us as we are more vulnerable in dreams or as we begin to wake. Refresh your anointing upon our lives. You are our everything. We place our hope and trust in you alone.

I rebuke and bind the spirits of incubus, succubus and Jezebel, dream planters, dream snatchers, sleep paralysis and very night visitor with sexual lust intent.

I bind entities that intend sleep disturbance with hexes, vexing and harassment to wear the saints down. Halt evil nightmares with fear tactics, painful memories, falsehoods and terror episodes. Provide refreshing restoring sleep. I speak directly to you, demons of fornication and lust. You have no authority here.

You are released from assignments. I break off every curs, soul tie, stronghold and yoke from the neck. I declare the captives are set free. You are blocked from returning. I declare your destruction by the one true and living God! I decree what is not, as though it were.

Thank you, Jesus for implementing this prayer immediately. All honor and glory is yours. We claim our victory over these sinister dark forces, Jehovah Nissi!

I seal this pray in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

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