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God's Appointed Time

Dear Friend, Does God have a specific timing for every situation you face? Are there “appointed times” for what we experience in life? Do you wonder why there have been some delays? It is so encouraging to experience those unmistakable times when our lives dovetail with God’s perfect timing. Those divine moments bring a wonderful element of excitement and fulfillment, helping to make all of life seem worthwhile. Understanding the truth that God has appointed times for each event in your life will help to explain why some answers to prayer seem delayed, or why needed breakthroughs have not yet occurred. Are you taking into consideration the factor of God’s timing? Even more, are you ready to take a step of faith into your appointed time?

Holy Moments

During a recent DPM staff gathering for worship and prayer, the following prophetic utterance was given, and it relates to this theme of God’s timing:

You may not always be aware of it, and you may not feel any different at the time, but you are living in the presence of holy moments—times when your life links with Mine in a supernatural way. You may not understand the importance of these times, but you will need to step into these moments by faith. Keep your eyes open; keep your heart open; keep your spirit open—to recognize these holy moments so you may step into them by faith.

For a number of days prior to this prophetic word, our staff had been aware of this topic of God’s timing. It had been a frequent focus of our conversations and, in addition, there had been a number of miraculous “coincidences” in our work that were confirmations of this truth. What is the net effect of such “coincidences”? Often, they are encouraging reminders that our lives do not progress in a random way. Behind everything that takes place, the Lord has a clear, powerful plan—and a schedule He maintains to work out all the divine details.

Scriptural Confirmations

Actually, the Bible contains many references to this concept—regular expressions such as “at the appointed time,” “in the fullness of time,” or “when the times had been fulfilled.” As I was reflecting on this practical theme, several Scriptures came to mind. One was the simple declaration found in Romans 5:6 (NASB): “For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.” The New Living translation adds one word for extra emphasis: “When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners.” It was not a chance event or coincidence. God planned it—at just the right time! Jesus’ sacrifice was a cosmic kairos moment—occurring at the precise, perfect period in human history for Him to offer His life for us. But let’s bring God’s timing down to an individual level. Do you believe there are such kairos moments for your life as well? Can you muster up the faith to step into the appointed times the Lord has set for you?

The Issue of Waiting

Let’s not ignore some of the biggest issues and questions regarding God’s timing. For example, why do we sometimes have to face such long delays? Why is it necessary to wait for God’s appointed time? What does this process of waiting accomplish in you and me? Our mentor, Derek Prince, had extensive experience with God’s appointed times. Fortunately, he taught often and effectively on this theme—and it is the focus of our selected excerpt. Derek’s quote is taken from “What Does It Mean,” the first installment of a five-day radio teaching on “Waiting for God.”

What is it, then, that is so important about waiting for God? What are the results it will produce in us? I’d like to suggest that in waiting for God we acknowledge God in a very special way. We give Him His rightful place in our lives. It builds a relationship with Him that cannot be built in any other way. In particular, there are three ways we acknowledge God by waiting for Him. First of all, we acknowledge God as our source. That’s why the psalmist said, “Wait for God only.” He was saying to his own soul, “What you need can only come from God. There’s no other source for what you need—so it’s in vain to turn in any other direction. You have to keep your heart and your mind focused on God by waiting for Him.” Secondly, we acknowledge God’s sovereignty—and that is so important. The initiative is with God. The timing is with God. We can’t tell God when to do it. We have to wait until God, in His infinite wisdom, knows this is the time that it needs to be done. So, we are acknowledging God’s sovereignty in our lives. Thirdly, we are acknowledging our dependence upon God. That is something which is painful for all of us. Why? Because as a result of man’s fall, there is ingrained in every human being a deep desire to be independent—even to be independent of God. “Waiting for God” deals with this desire for independence. It continually reminds us we are dependent upon God. The initiative comes from God. The only source is God. And so, it humbles and subdues that carnal impulse in us which is continually striving to be independent of God.

Yielding to God

Do these insights encourage you regarding the issues you are dealing with? Are they helping you with some of the exasperating delays you have been facing? Our hope is that what we have shared will strengthen you to hold on for the breakthroughs you are seeking. It might be appropriate at this point for you and me to express our hearts to the Lord in these matters. Let’s do so together with the following prayer.

Lord, it seems as if I have been waiting forever, holding on by my fingernails for the answers I have asked from You. But I know You have an appointed time for every aspect of my life. I want to begin this prayer with the declaration that I trust You. I trust You to provide the answers and breakthroughs I need. And I trust You to bring them into my life on Your time schedule—not mine. I also want to take a step of faith today. I believe there are indeed many “holy moments” in my future. Please help me to step into each of these moments with a vibrant faith, recognizing them as they arrive and embracing them in a deliberate, faithful way. I will keep my eyes open, my heart open, and my spirit open to You—watching for them so I can respond properly at these divine times. Also, in accordance with the points Derek shared, I proclaim that You are my source. I focus my heart and mind upon You, O Lord. I also acknowledge Your sovereignty, recognizing that the initiative is with You—so I will wait for You to move in the matters I am facing. Finally, I declare my dependence upon You, turning loose of my desire to be independent of You. I rely on You and You alone. Lord, I recognize Your appointed times for every aspect of my life. I receive them by faith and step into Your destiny for me with full trust in You. Amen.

A Courageous Step

This prayer represents a courageous and trusting acknowledgement that our times are in God’s hands. In fact, this step could make a huge difference in the days ahead. For one thing, you may notice that your “peace level” may be a little higher—and your “aggravation level” a little lower. Such changes come from a solid acceptance of the sovereignty of God’s timing in our lives. After all, the Word of God encourages us in Hebrews 6:12 toward “faith and patience” by which we will inherit God’s promises. That element of “patience” is always the rub; and you and I have addressed it directly with the prayer we have just offered up. As always, all of us here at DPM want to provide valuable resources in the outworking of the “faith and patience” just mentioned. Please accept our offer for a free MP3 of the full week of radio messages by Derek on the theme of “Waiting for God.” This teaching is both comprehensive and helpful, and we want you to have it as a resource. Simply download it by using the link below. Material that we give is just one way to thank you and acknowledge your precious partnership with us. What a privilege to stand with you in important matters such as your appointed time! You have faithfully encouraged us through your prayers and financial generosity towards us, and we are grateful to you. Thank you—many times over!

Help and Strength

You can count on our prayers for you in the days ahead. It is no small matter to recognize God’s appointed time in your life—and it is an even greater challenge to step into that moment by faith. The Lord has allowed you and me the privilege of being alive and active during a significant period of history. Clearly, in the cosmic perspective noted earlier, we are living in a kairos moment—possibly the introductory stage to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. In that respect, it is incumbent upon you and me to keep our eyes, our hearts, and our spirits open to properly address every divine appointment we encounter in the days ahead. May the Lord help and strengthen you—and us as well. May we be found faithful to walk in His divine timing. May you abundantly succeed in your appointed time.

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