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Urgent Plea For Prayer

Dear Friends,

I'm writing this to you after an entire night of no sleep, and running on just a few hours of rest over the past week. I'm sending out this urgent plea to all of you because I KNOW that YOU PRAY and that Jesus hears your prayers. There are several very critical situations that need God's mercy. My heart is very heavy this morning. The enemy is at our heels and there are many lives that need our prayers at this time.

The earth is groaning. Families in Houston have lost so much after Hurricane Harvey. Montana, California, Washington, and Oregon are fighting intense fires, the desperately need rain or snow. Horrible flooding in places like Bangladesh, India, and Nepal - 1,000's have lost their lives and the rains continue to fall. And now, Florida is facing one catastrophic hurricane, unless this thing veers back out to sea. My family and friends are in Florida, including my husband and 2 of my children. They are evacuating today. Many of our friends are unable to evacuate. My heart is burdened.

I'm here in Ecuador holding the fort down and have been under heavy spiritual warfare. I have a very serious situation that needs URGENT prayer. I've been on my face all night pleading with God for help. In addition, members of our team have been battling serious health situations. Our lead team member, Pastor Santiago has been struggling with very serious heart issues. His wife has undergone all types of tests to determine why she is suffering with intense abdominal pain. The Doctors can't pin point the issue. On top of it all, there seems to be one problem after another for the past few weeks that has just made life difficult.

Bottom line, we need prayer! Please, pray for my family and friends in Florida. Please pray for my team. Please pray for me and for this demonic battle I'm facing. I cannot tell you how much I would appreciate you covering us in prayer.

In the midst of this all, I'm reminded that God is faithful. He has never once allowed the enemy to overtake me. I know many of you have the same testimony. We must uphold each other in prayer for protection and strength to face what comes our way. Thank you for caring for us and our families. Your friendship is so important and valuable to our lives. We are standing with you as well for victory in every area of your lives, for God's grace and protection over your families, and for abundant blessings so that you may continue to bless others. If you are in one of these areas that has been affected by hurricanes, fires, or flooding and have not receive any assistance, please reach out to us. We are here for you.

Jesus is coming soon. Every hour is a gift. Be ready. I've never in my life been so ready for His return - I'm watching and waiting. What a glorious day it will be.

With love and appreciation, Karissa

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