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Brothers Reunited!

This is such an incredible story, I had to share on this Thanksgiving day. If you read the newsletter I sent out yesterday, you read about a little boy that we found in the trash dumpster and took to the orphanage. The day that Juan (SA Missions Director) and Keny (Peru Rep.) were out buying supplies for the orphanage, they found a little boy (4 yrs old) in the trash dumpster searching for food. They took him to social services and received permission to take him to the orphanage.

The little boy is unable to speak because his mouth his infected with sores and mold from eating from the trash. We had no idea where he came from, how long he had been on the streets, or if he had family. Once he was integrated in with the other boys, we were shocked to find out 2 of his brothers were already in the orphanage! They immediately embraced each other and began to cry. The boys had been living on the streets for a long time. No one knows the whereabouts of their family. The boys were doing whatever they had to do to survive - selling candy, rummaging through trash, etc.. The two oldest boys were picked up by the police at different times and brought to the orphanage. They had been separated from their youngest brother for 6 months before Juan and Keny found him.

Now they are all together and are so thankful to be reunited! What a great testimony for these boys! God placed Juan and Keny right there at the right time to rescue him. We are so very, very thankful.

Embrace your family and don't get caught up in fighting over the most petty of things. Your family is a blessing and gift from God. Treasure them and take care of one another. You never know when your last day or moment with them will be.

A year ago very dear friends who worked with us in Ecuador, lost their sweet daughter at the age of 19 yrs old to epilepsy. My heart aches for them, especially every time I read posts on Facebook from her mother and the grief she carries every day for the loss of her child. Our time is so precious. Love passionately, forgive generously, give openly, and enjoy abundantly all that God has blessed you with. Remember others in their suffering, and share freely and joyously with those who need love, forgiveness, generosity, and joy. You may change a life and in the process your life will never be the same.

Thank you for helping us to rescue these children. We are thankful.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from all of us at Bless An Orphan Karissa Washburn

Found in the dumpster looking for food. Now reunited with his siblings! Pray for these boys.

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