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Tribulation Packed in 7 Years? Don't think so...

This is profound teaching on the Book of Revelation by Pastor Augusto Perez!

God is amazing, and about 4 weeks ago I made the decision to read in the Book of Revelation to put all of my biases aside and try to understand it for myself. And I read it with great difficulty. But the Lord is faithful. A little over a week ago I was in prayer and seeking the Lord still confused about the Book of Revelation and I felt the Holy Spirit impress upon me as I was pondering The Book of Revelation "you have been living in the Book of Revelation your entire life." This was in direct response 2 my futurist thinking and what I have been taught. With the Dreadful mindset that all these things are coming soon. (Tribulation packed in 7 years)

I had then started thinking over some of the teachings that I had received in the past from various teachers including Augusto and started putting some of the bread crumbs together. And the Holy Spirit revealed to me exactly what Augusto taught on Thursday in the video above. A direct confirmation and I praise the Lord for it! I had shared this Revelation with my prayer Brothers on Tuesday and then on Thursday Augusto gave this teaching on futurism, Preatorism, and historicism.

I have never heard a teaching like the one he gave on Thursday, and it rang true with my spirit because of what the Lord has shown me just recently prior to your teaching and that is the Book of Revelation has been taking place since Jesus ascended into heaven. The Lord brought to remembrance the scriptures in Revelation when the angel told John to not seal the book up for the time is now and when Jesus told John that he would show him what would immediately take place after this.

For me this has been a major Revelation and has helped me to understand the Book of Revelation. I Now understand it and can see historicism is key and a breakthrough to understanding the end times and the Book of Revelation.

PLEASE SHARE! God Bless and Glory to Jesus!

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