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  • Tyrel Denver

Modern Technology Deliverance - Prayer


We take authority over all modern technology witchcraft that has come upon us and we bind it up right now.

We take authority over the television and telephone. We take authority over everything we have done in the past and are doing right now.

Teach us, as we watch TV or listen to our phone, to cover ourselves with the blood of Jesus and surround us with your divine protection.

Teach us how to protect ourselves from the technology we use on a daily basis.

We bind up every devil of technology. All phone towers, WiFi, 5G and other areas we don't even know about. We thank you Father that you can deliver us.

We confess that we have listened to rock music. That we played with toys that infected us. That we did things when we grew up that we didn't even know about. We put our lives under the blood and we thank you that you are able to overcome every single thing.

We bind demons of all contagious diseases from mystical diseases and creatures.

We bind the strongman Satan and all of the creatures, devils and demons that are sent our way. Open our eyes and ears so that we may see and hear what the spirit of the Lord says.

We bind up the spirit of idolatry. Of Disney. All of the times that we watched their movies, read their books, visited Disney World, read comic books. We bind every devil of fantasy in Jesus name.

We bind all subliminal transforming thinking that Hollywood puts out. We bind all abominable things. Every thing that has captured the minds of the children and the adults.

We bind all psychological things that have implanted into our subconscious mind. Computer games. Spells that they have sent through music and movies. All violence and evil.

All sold out Christians we bind. All star gates and demonic portals, doorways and gateways. All eye gates, ear gates, mind gates: We close them in Jesus name.

We close all chakras. We break all lay lines in the name of Jesus and command every devil that knows our name to come into confusion.

We erase their minds of our names and addresses. We erase their minds of our family's names and addresses, and we command them to go into total confusion.

We bind and cage them.

You have given us a sound mind of love.

We bind all spirits of religious confusion.

We bind every false prophet; every church that has not been of You; every false prophetess and witch we bind int he name of Jesus.

We release our minds into your care Father, and bind all fear. We cut all yokes, snares and chains. We cut snake spirits. We cut their silver cords and command them to leave.


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