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  • Tyrel Denver

The Other Secret Of Your Calling

In the Book of Hebrews, we’re told that we’re partakers of a heavenly calling. Yet, we often forget that a calling has two parts. In order to get “to” our calling we must move away “from” something else. We can’t always see where we’re going to end up in our calling, but we can see what we need to move away from. What is it that your calling is moving you away from?

Start right now by moving away from that which is hindering you, and you’ll move towards the goal. If you’re to become pure, you must move away from impurity in your life. If you’re to become a loving person, you must move away from unlovingness in your life. If you want to become a holy vessel for God, start right now by moving away from that which is unholy. You are called to glory- that’s the “to” of your call. The glory doesn’t start when you get “to” where you’re going, but when you come away “from” the old life. So, start with the “from” of your calling and God will take care of the “to.”

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