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Does My Sexual Past Make Me Unsavable? // Ask Pastor John

Past sexual sin is not beyond God’s grace. But unrepentant sexual sin is. It’s not too late to turn, forsake your sin, and receive God’s mercy.

Our inbox holds at least fifty questions about Hebrews 6:4–6. We get a ton of questions about falling away and losing salvation, like this question from Josh. “Pastor John, a couple of years back, I heard you speak on Hebrews 6. I fear a lot, and your words have not helped my fear because you talked about what it would look like if you, John Piper, were to fall away.

“I have professed faith, and I have been dealing with sexual sin for a long time. It manifested itself in my marriage as I acted out on fantasies and committed adultery multiple times. My sin was found out and my wife left me. I spent last summer living as one with the world. I slept around and was ‘one of the guys’ in every aspect. Nothing could have distinguish me as a Christian. I’ve repented, and I’m trying to overcome the root sexual sin that caused my downfall. I’m getting back into the word and praying daily. I know that my salvation depends on Christ. But, would what I have done count as falling away in the context of Hebrews 6:4–6? Does my sexual sin mean I cannot be restored to repentance?

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