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Helmet of Hope - Overcome Depression/Anxiety

Do you suffer with Depression or Anxiety or both? Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ? If not than this teaching is not for you and you first need Jesus before you can proceed. Please follow the links to know more. Salvation and The Good News

If you do believe in Jesus then I have good news for you! I'm here to tell you that as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ you do not have to live with Depression or Anxiety or Fear or Lust or anything that snares or entangles us in life. You are not a victim or helpless when you believe on the Lord Jesus and you do not have to continue to live with Depression or Anxiety and YOU CAN DEFEAT THEM!

I personally can testify to this truth. For years I suffered with Anxiety and Depression. I took anti depressants for over a decade. Anyone who has never suffered from depression or anxiety has a hard time relating to those who have. I can relate. Living life in such a state is hell on earth and I knew God has more for His children. It wasn't until I believed on the Lord Jesus and gave my life to him that I discovered my reasons for all my torment through the below teaching of Derek Prince.

Derek also struggled with Depression in the early days of his ministry and by God's grace and revelation, God showed Derek why, how and what to do to be set COMPLETELY FREE!

I invite you to please listen to the teaching below in its entirety more than once and ask God to make the message clear to you before you start. There are keys contained in this teaching you have been searching for. Please Listen All the Way Through!

Please don't hesitate to contact us through this website if you are in need of prayer. We will lift you up and believe in Jesus name you can and will be set free. God Bless and Glory to Jesus!


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