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  • Tyrel Denver

Conquer Rejection and Shame Prayer

Lord, I confess that my spiritual heart needs healing—through a renewed sense of Your acceptance and affirmation. The power of rejection has taken its toll upon my life, and I want to be free of it. I receive the cleansing You purchased for me on Calvary, forever making me “accepted in the Beloved.” Thank You, Jesus, for Your willingness to suffer rejection on my behalf. I receive Your forgiveness for the sins that have separated me from the Father. And I affirm my confidence that I can draw near to Him because of the lifeblood You poured out for my sake. Now I belong to You, Lord. Because of what You did on the cross, I now declare that I can come to the Father and be welcomed by Him. Thank You, Father, for Your open arms, waiting to receive me with Your full acceptance and love. Rejection’s power over me is vanquished. I am accepted in the Beloved. Lord, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I belong to You. In Jesus name, Amen.

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