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Is Angry Prayer Ok? - Ask Pastor John

We have nothing to hide from God since he already knows our hearts. But that doesn’t mean we can do or say whatever we want in prayer. Is angry prayer okay? It’s the question from Jake in Western Australia. “Pastor John, hello and thank you for taking my question. Is angry prayer okay? That’s my question. To clear my head, I often ride my bike around a local lake. Each lap is about six kilometers (or four miles), and I have circled the lake for many years. As I ride, I begin to speak to God. My mouth becomes a spillway. I lose a sense of myself and ‘zone’ out and speak to him with virtually no self-awareness. In those experiences, there have been two distinct times I have spoken to God in a very firm way. But here’s the thing. Both of those times he answered my prayer within hours. So, it makes me wonder: Does God actually desire that we be engaged with a blunt, no-nonsense, self-unaware, truthful attitude when it comes to praying?” Read or listen to this interview at our website:

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