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"Not Enough People" Word - Augusto Perez 2022

Word from the Lord received by Apostle/Pastor Augusto Perez early in 2022.

"The things that are coming in the next several months have not been seen in the history of this nation. (U.S.A.)

My people have not made the commitment necessary for My divine intervention to happen. Not enough people have stood in the gap."

He said: "If enough people will stand in the gap, I will not allow its destruction. However, the country will be very damaged but not completely destroyed."

"It is to late to completely preserve it. But if enough people stand in the gap, I will intervene and not allow its complete destruction."

"There are parts of this nation which can not be rescued. Their iniquity has reached the Heavens. If it was not for My hidden ones, this nation would now be in complete darkness and bondage."

"Many did not pass the test that was placed before them. Even though all were warned by Me through my servants."

"You have cried out to Me, I have forgiven you. Now return to me and I will receive you. Be not rebellious but humble of heart and you shall inherit the Earth."

"Be strong in the days ahead for the times of testing are not over yet. Keep your eyes on Me and I will deliver you from the evil days ahead."

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