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Roe v. Wade - Judgement on America Forfeited?

On Tuesday June 21st during a prayer meeting the Lord gave me word about Roe v. Wade. I spoke the word aloud during the meeting. Here it is:

" Roe v. Wade will be overturned. It will not be so that America can escape Judgment. It will be so that the Lord may not judge the Nation as a whole."

The picture above is of the States that have "Trigger Laws" in effect. In a nut shell a trigger law is a law passed by State Legislators that if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned (it is now) then abortion will be outlawed automatically in that state. When I first saw the map (above) it jumped out at me in a prophetic sense according to the word I believe I received from the Lord on Tues June 21st.

There has been a tremendous amount happen in my life over the past two years, including relocating to Texas. I know this is for a reason and I'm not the only one. I personally know many, many people even in my own neighborhood who are Born Again Christians who have also relocated to Texas and in talking with them they know scores of other people from their home states and home churches whom have also relocated to other states. All to Bible belt states or the States in red as shown above from states in pink/purple as shown above.

There is a great shift and relocation by God to the people of God for the purposes of preservation. I've come to understand this in my own experience and from what God has revealed to me. This is the Mercy of God on display. Its quiet and happening behind the scenes and nobody is really taking notice or asking questions why. They just end up relocated with the comment "we feel like this is where the Lord wanted us".

My Personal Opinion of what is next for the USA and the World based on years of study, Dreams and Visions from men and women of God and personal experience and revelation.

I could type a giant paper and my reasons for it and all the references but I'm just going to lay it out short and simple and not necessarily in this order. Take it for what its worth.

1 - Supply chain breakdowns and Economic catastrophe in the US and world wide. With this mass starvation and extreme shortage in the US and world wide. Think Mad Max but not everywhere. Some areas will be affected to great degree but will fare better than others. The above map is an indication of where and who. This dovetails with the Word I received on June 21st and personal experience.

2 - New Pandemics released on the world. (Man made)

3 - Civil war and Secession of some States in the USA. The above map is an indication of who they will be. This has been seen by many men of God including but not limited to Dimitru Dudumen and Augusto Perez. Many more could be added to this list.

4 - In a weakened state due to civil war and secession the enemies of the USA will seize the opportunity and strike it with nuclear weapons. Not every place will be hit. Also seen by men of God. Also, one thing we can be almost certain of is that the blue (pink/purple above) states WILL incur more Judgment upon themselves as they move to not only defend but expand abortion rights. They will continue to mark themselves for destruction by continuing to fill their cup of iniquity. (You can also search this blog for visions and dreams on this, Dimitru Dudumen, Henry Gruver)

5 - After the conclusion of WWIII (that is happening now) a "Man of Peace" or as we know him in the Bible "The Son of Perdition" or the "Anti Christ" and his new "Beast" governmental system will come to power. This is where the Bible tells us "no man can buy or sell" without the "Mark" on their forehead or hand. This could be a micro chip, a vaccine with nanotech (like Covid), a micro tattoo or a number of other things.

I realize this isn't easy to read and the prediction is dire but it is according to the Word of God. Meaning at some point the Beast System will be implemented.

I may be wrong in my prediction (I hope I am) but this is the way I see it and I'm giving it to you straight.

Our Hope is in JESUS and HIM Alone! No other! Not Donald Trump not anyone! We aren't gonna vote our way out of this. Its gone too far and its corrupt to the bone. Look to Jesus as we fast approach the End of Time and the Consummation of all things. Endure to the end and you will receive the Crown of Life. God Bless and Glory to Jesus!

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