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Romans 13 - An Interpretation You Haven't Heard Before

Have you heard about the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates? Probably not. Instead, modern day American Christianity has used Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2 to pacify all manners of men. What seems to be forgotten is the qualifying clauses put forward in the text, as well as the context. Did Paul always obey civil authorities? No. Did Peter always obey authorities? No. Did Jesus always obey civil authorities? No. All authority is given by God. This means those who are in power, have power delegated from God. So what about when a corrupt magistrate issues decrees AGAINST God's Word and law? We must obey God rather than the state. Compliance will only allow tyrants to grow in their evil. Historic acts of defiance have shaped Western civilization - and we at Defy Tyrants are hoping to educate the masses and warn them of great evils that come with compliance, and the NEED for resistance.

To equip yourself with this doctrine, visit our website. We will be creating much more high quality content in the days ahead. http://www.defytyrants.com (save in case youtube takes us down)

Here is a 14-page written defense of our position:

To read about the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates, go here -

An E-Book version is coming soon and will be updated across all platforms. To listen to a podcast in which Matt Trewhella spoke about this doctrine, check out this -

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