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The Prayer Of Desperation

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

The year 2020 has brought serious challenges and hardships for many. What will the future bring? Is God watching or listening to what is going on down here? Does He care? Why is He allowing this to continue? Will things get better? The fate of Nations, it seems, hangs in the balance and that of its people. Times are Desperate! How Desperate are we and can we look to men to solve these immense problems world wide? Maybe, just maybe, God is looking and waiting for the Desperate.

In a world full of injustice and evil it seems the bad guys always win and have all the money. Will wrongs be sent right in the US and around the world and Revival take place? Many cry out for justice, just to be silenced or drowned out by the noise of the world or outright silenced by the powers that be. What can we expect from God in these matters? What should our response be to desperate times?

In this condensed teaching by Derek Prince he discusses what we as Christians can expect in the near future and where we go to find answers to what lies ahead. This is a timely word that all people everywhere should hear as we enter the year 2021.

Please come be apart of our community and find more teachings and useful tools to help you through the days ahead at also find more teachings from Derek Prince at

Glory to Jesus!

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