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I See A Devastating Earthquake - Sixth Seal to be Opened?

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

I'll cut right to the chase. A Few Weeks ago I had two profound experiences where I was physically shaken in my minds eye. You may call it a vision or a dream if you like. It was a Violent Shaking! Never experienced anything like it nor have I since. Once in the night and again the following morning and then again a few days later while dressing for work. This is what I wrote down about it.

Nov 3, 2021

Last night though I estimate it to be about 30 seconds; In my mind I started Shaking Violently. My thoughts at first was I was dizzy but it persisted and in my mind it felt like a very long time as though time had slowed down. It occurred long enough to confirm what I was seeing wasn't from me. Very intense at first and then slowing to a halt. So vivid in fact I felt in the spirit I was reaching for stuff to hold on to. The more violent it shook the more blurred the image became in my mind. Very violent shaking.

This morning as I was rising out of bed and my thoughts were on the day ahead and then I felt the shaking again. No particular image in my mind but more of an aftershock of the night before. Very strange... I know this wasn't my own imagination because at both times my thoughts couldn't have been further away and it wasn't physical either.

I perceive it is a great earthquake. When praying this morning I felt the Lord say "they are planning destruction and they will reap their own doom". I felt like God would do something that will terrify the elite planners. It felt as though they are carefully setting the chess board as God watched on and with a violent rush God tossed over the table on which the chess pieces were being placed. (Shaking)

I didn't see a chess board but I describe it because this was the impression I got and it is the only way I can illustrate what I perceived the Lord was speaking.

I shared this with Pastor Augusto Perez and he read it over his mail bag show the following Tuesday.

Before you click away because this doesn't align with your understanding and eschatology please hear me out.

I'm not here to argue so please forgive me for not elaborating and writing a decertation on this subject for my reasons (eschatological, scriptural, spiritual, prophetical). I have spent a great deal of time in study, prayer, fasting and seeking the Lord on this matter. I am not a scholar by any means but the Lord showed me years ago that "I have been living in the Great Tribulation" (That's what I felt Him say to me as I sought Him on the matter as I asked Him "when will Tribulation begin?"). I told a friend I was going to understand it (Book of Revelation) on my own. He laughed and tried to hand me a book someone wrote on the subject. Here is what I concluded at the end of my journey. It (Tribulation) began when He (Jesus) ascended to Heaven. "Great Tribulation" isn't a seven year period in the future. Its been playing out for over 2,000 years to this point. Some things still to be fulfilled and some things already fulfilled. We are Five seals deep into the Book of Revelation and the next to open is Six. (GREAT EARTHQUAKE)

Revelation 1:9 Write the things which you have seen, and the things which are, and the things which will take place after this. (I believe that meant Immediately)


Anyone with eyes to see can discern as Steve Quayle always says "The Lateness of the Hour". Jesus's Return is fast at hand. The BRIDE GROOM COMETH! "Repent" and "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ" and you will be saved.

The Beast Technocratic Financial foundation is laid in place. (Just ask anyone who has a Green Passport from proof of Vaccination). WWIII is at the doorstep (just look at the headlines). The Son of Perdition will rise from its ashes. Its an act of mercy from God it hasn't already kicked off. The year 2025 has significance according to the ancient prophecies of the Essenes and Solar calendar given to Adam and later abandoned by the Pharisees (see The Ancient Mysteries of the Essenes by Ken Johnson and Zeitgeist 2025 by Thomas Horn)

Agree with me or not; the evidence still remains and the signs are everywhere. Cleave to Jesus Saints of God!

Revelation 22:12 “And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work."

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